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16 October 2018:

LC Filters Design Tool - added a description to the filter schematics and an option to save it by right clicking on the image.

3 October 2018:

LC Filters Design Tool - added an option to round the capacitance and inductance to the nearest standard value.

4 September 2018:

LC Filters Design Tool now can synthesize Elliptic and Bessel filters.

These features have been tested thoroughly. However, if you still spot an issue, please let us know.

31 December 2017: Add a new calculator

IP3 Intermodulation Calculator

17 July 2017: Add two new convertors

VSWR to Return Loss Converter

Frequency to Wavelength Converter

1 April 2017: Website is launched. What's new? Well... everything!

Three apps are currently available:

LC Filters Design Tool

Phase Noise to Jitter Calculator

Phase Noise Under Vibrations Calculator

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